Remanufactured Cross Trainers

Remanufactured Cross Trainers

We offer a specialist remanufacturing service for cross trainers which are used in public fitness clubs, gyms and domestic homes.

Elliptical Trainer Refurbishment

Elliptical Trainer Refurbishment

Most gyms have elliptical trainers as they are very popular for cardio workouts, so carrying out refurbishments where necessary is a good idea to keep them in top condition.

Cross Trainer Maintenance

Cross Trainer Maintenance

We always recommend that you carry out routine inspections of all of your fitness equipment so you can check for any issues and make sure they are dealt with quickly.

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Remanufactured Cross Trainers

One of the most popular services we offer is dealing with remanufactured cross-trainers for public gyms, leisure centres and even domestic facilities in people’s homes. Sometimes it’s more cost-effective for our clients to have a machine repaired and refurbished rather than buying a brand new piece of equipment.

Our specialists can assess any problems you are having with the cross trainer and decide on the best method of maintenance. This could include repairing anything that’s broken, supplying spare parts or rebuilding the machine completely to improve its quality.

To find out more about the restored elliptical machines we can offer for you, fill out the contact form above and we will respond as quickly as possible with a quote and answer all the questions you may have. 


What are Remanufactured Cross Trainers?

Remanufactured ellipticals are when used as gym machines taken apart, cleaned, fixed and given a new coat of paint to make them work as good as new. This is a very popular option for many facilities as it is cost-effective and allows a gym to purchase more machines which can be more effective for their members.

To find out more about the refurbished gym equipment we can offer you, please fill in the contact form provided and we will respond as soon as possible.

Restored Equipment for Gyms

As well as dealing with maintenance for machines that our clients already own, we also sell restored cross-trainers to fitness clubs, health centres and individuals who are looking to buy equipment. This is popular for facilities that may be buying a lot of new machines or need to stick within a tight budget and can’t afford brand new exercise machines.

This refurbishment process begins with us buying second-hand cross-trainers; we’ll then take the machines apart and fix any problems or anything that might be broken. Once the inner workings are in top condition, our experts can then apply new paint coatings and improve the overall appearance of the elliptical before it is sold to a new client.

If you are thinking of buying remanufactured elliptical machines or you have existing equipment that needs a refurbishment, please contact our team today by filling in the quick form on this page. One of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with all of the details you need including costs and other services we offer.


Elliptical Trainer Refurbishment

We work with many clients like leisure centres and public gyms whose equipment is used every day by lots of different people. In these facilities, the equipment can become damaged if it is overused so this is why we offer elliptical trainer refurbishment.

If you have a cross-trainer that has suffered damage or isn’t in the best condition, we can take the unit apart and completely rebuild it with new parts. This process is designed to improve the durability of the machine and ensure it’s safe for people to use.

To reduce the need for any repairs to your gym equipment, we advise that you regularly check the cross-trainers and any other machines like treadmills and spin bikes. This will enable you to find any problems and get them fixed quickly before they develop into more costly issues.

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It’s important to keep your exercise equipment well maintained to ensure it has a good life expectancy, this is why we offer a range of maintenance and repair services such as elliptical trainer refurbishment. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you’re interested in remanufactured cross trainers and we’ll send you over all the details you need and also talk you through the costs of these products.



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