Prison Gym Equipment in Aldermaston Wharf

Prison Gym Equipment in Aldermaston Wharf

Exercise machines like treadmills and spin bikes are often supplied to prisons so that inmates can maintain good physical fitness and mental health through regular activity.

Servicing Fitness Machines in Aldermaston Wharf

Servicing Fitness Machines in Aldermaston Wharf

If you have fitness machines which need servicing or repairs, we can carry out this work along with refurbishments to get the equipment back to top quality.

Gym Machine Parts in Aldermaston Wharf

Gym Machine Parts in Aldermaston Wharf

As well as servicing of prison gym equipment we can also supply spare parts for any missing or broken pieces which are stopping machines from working as they should.

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Prison Gym Equipment in Aldermaston Wharf

Prisons in Aldermaston Wharf RG7 5 need to have fitness machines available so that prisoners can maintain their physical and mental health and fitness. Prison gym equipment is also beneficial to that inside, as they allow prisoners to mature through coaching others, developing new interests and bettering themselves.

Our company have a range of gym equipment which would be suitable for prison gyms, and low-cost alternatives can be found, such as used and refurbished machines. Despite the equipment being second hand, this option is very popular for several different institutions.


Our experts will take the fitness machines apart and replace or repair any parts which are damaged or worn out; we will then put the machines back together again and extra improvements may be done, including the application of a new paint coating. 

To know more about the fitness services we offer to prisons, fill out the contact form above and we will respond promptly. 

What are the Benefits of Prison Gyms?

Prison gymnasiums not only release stress, anger and energy that they may be holding in but also improves their physical and mental health. Prisoners must improve as individuals whilst locked away, and one way to do that is to give them time to participate in physical activity.

Without this, they may take their anger out on something or someone else which could cause more harm. The benefits of the prison fitness machinery can be endless so to find out more get in touch today by filling out the enquiry form above. 

Brand New Gym Machinery

We also offer new prison gym services which can be bought to upgrade or renew your prison facility in Aldermaston Wharf . This will also offer high-quality machinery for the prisoners, allowing them to improve their fitness.

All of our gym equipment have adjustable parts to suit different users, which is useful as many inmates will be making use of the same fitness equipment. Handlebars on equipment such as spinning bikes may be adjusted by the user, and weights may also be altered allowing the user to progress over time.

If you have any queries regarding prison machinery or you would like more information on costs and the equipment that is available, please fill in our contact form. One of our professionals will try to get back to you quickly to answer any questions you have.


Servicing Fitness Machines in Aldermaston Wharf 

Over time, gym equipment can become damaged and worn out, especially when used in institutions like prisons in Aldermaston Wharf. We have many professional experts who can fix these damages before they become beyond repair, resulting in the need for new machines.

Servicing fitness machines is important to ensure that the services are safe to use. We advise all of our clients to perform regular checks on the machines to look for any potential damages. Finding problems early on will help reduce the costs of major problems, as the damages will not have developed yet.

Cleaning Services

Servicing fitness machinery does not just cover repairing the damages; we also provide a cleaning service to keep prison gym equipment looking new. Some fitness machines may also need to undergo a refurbishment process to improve the quality of the equipment, especially if it has been used repetitively for a long period.

Refurbishing your prison gym equipment can range from a thorough clean and coat of paint to taking the machines apart to replace or repair specific parts.

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Our staff are always here to help. If you have any questions or enquiries about prison gym equipment or the costs of servicing fitness machines in Aldermaston Wharf RG7 5 , please fill in our contact form. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible, with all the necessary information to answer your questions.


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