Precor Machines Servicing

Precor Machines Servicing

We can carry out a number of specialist maintenance and repair services for Precor fitness equipment to fix any damage or refurbish the unit.

Gym Maintenance Specialists

Gym Maintenance Specialists

We offer a range of professional services for public gyms, leisure centres and home facilities if you require any maintenance or repairs to your equipment.

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Precor Gym Machine Services

Precor provides health and fitness experiences with a range of equipment including cardiovascular, weight machines and benches . Our company offer expert refurbishing services that include complete bodywork and remanufacturing of the machines.

We strive to ensure the customer receives maximum performance from fitness machinery. Our specialist team excel in producing high quality refurbished treadmills, cross-trainers and all other health club equipment, whether it be for leisure centre use or personal use.


Our highly qualified and skillfully trained repairs team offer anything from brand new paintwork to complete reconditioning for the apparatus. We can tailor our refurbishing services to suit customer preferences in terms of paint colour, redesign and aesthetically pleasing looks for your health club or personal preference.

Whilst enhancing the fitness machinery visually, our servicing experts will re-establish and improve the product to ensure the customers and users receive the best possible use from the exercise machine.

To find out more regarding the Precor fitness machinery services that we can offer you, please fill out the contact form. Our expert team will get back to you shortly answering your questions and providing you with a quote. 

How to Service a Precor Gym Machine

As a team of experts, we're able to restore machinery perfectly, to get it up and running like new. To do this you should;

  1. Take apart the machine
  2. Locate the issue and add new features if necessary
  3. Give it a thorough clean
  4. Apply a new coating of paint or add designs the customer wants

As experts in the field of refurbishing tired and broken gym equipment, we're able to return your Precor machines to you as quickly as possible. Contact us for more information on how to service a gym machine.

Servicing Procedures 

Our servicing procedure for Precor exercise equipment means you don’t have to go to expensive lengths in regards to having to replace your gym wear. We can offer an effective method of maintenance that can be tailored to any budget you might have in mind.

Cost and budget are something that can be discussed and agreed upon with our specialists. If you would like to discuss the cost of repairs and refurbishment servicing further, please fill in our contact form. We can advise and assist you with any queries or information you may have.

We are always keen to hear from you and are happy to help with questions you may need answering with regards to maintenance and refurbishment. We also aim to get back to you as soon as we can, so please fill in your details via our contact form.


Precor Exercise Equipment Repair

It is expected that regular use of fitness apparatus can result in wear and tear of the product. This will apply particularly if it is being used in a health or fitness club with a large number of users. Our professionals specialise in repairing and rebuilding anything from treadmills, cross-trainers, spinning bikes, and rowing machines to any other gym apparatus.

We will strip, clean and repair any Precor gym machines from this brand to restore maximum quality and best performance for the user. The colour and upholstery style can be chosen to suit the clients’ preference or to best suit the style in the health club or leisure centre.

Your newly reconditioned product will have a sense of uniqueness after a thorough evaluation of the refurbishment process. We pride ourselves on producing the best-remanufactured equipment at the best price therefore, can work around the customers’ budget.

Other Services We Offer

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We cover all aspects of reconditioning exercise machines and can assist with anything from replacing spare parts to completing the rebuild of the equipment. Our servicing process is tailored to whatever the customer may need.

If you would like any further information in regards to our service and repairs process, please provide your details in the contact form. Our professionals can help advise you with anything you need. We are happy to discuss and negotiate prices for repairs, maintenance and refurbishment if you have a particular budget.

Our specialist team always aim to get back to customer queries as soon as possible, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. 



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