Technogym Machine Services

Technogym Machine Services

We offer maintenance, repairs and refurbishments for a number of Technogym products to make sure your equipment is in perfect condition.

Gym Equipment Specialists

Gym Equipment Specialists

We have worked with numerous clients in leisure centres, health clubs and domestic facilities to carry out a number of services like repair and refurbishments.

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Technogym Equipment Maintenance

The Technogym fitness range supplies a variety of gym machinery including treadmills, exercise bikes, cross-trainers, multi-gym apparatus and more . Our specialist team carry out complete servicing, remanufacturing and maintenance procedures.

We aim to ensure the quality of the equipment is completely restored and works to its best ability. Our expert servicing engineers will strip down and rebuild the fitness machinery to identify any parts that need replacing and will finish with a thorough evaluation of the product.

We pride ourselves in complete reconditioning of gym fitness products that enable you to save on the expensive cost of replacing the equipment together. Through the service of gym wear, we are proud to supply you with a complete remanufacturing of the apparatus that will feel and look brand new. Whether it’s for health and fitness clubs or personal use, the user will experience their best performance with the newly refurbished machine.


Maintenance Methods

Replacement of an entire fitness gym can often be extremely costly. The maintenance methods we offer will be fitted to any type of budget you might have in mind and we are happy to discuss and negotiate costs further. We can also complete a full repainting and reupholstering process so that the refurbished machines match any design themes you have already.

If you would like to get in touch with a member of our expert service and repairs team, please do so through the contact form. We can advise and inform you further in regards to our servicing and maintenance repairs. We are always keen to hear from you and aim to respond to customer queries as soon as possible.

Specialist Technogym Servicing 

Regular use of gym machines can often result in damaged parts and/or in most cases, wear and tear. We can cover all aspects of Technogym equipment maintenance. Our specialist team carry out a specific service procedure to make sure Technogym products are restored physically and visually.

We provide the best repairs and services for the brand's cardiovascular machinery, multi-gym, benches and more. This covers anything from new paintwork design to complete refurbishment and replacement of damaged parts. The unique upholstery designs process we provide can be tailored to suit the customer’s preference.

We ensure aesthetically-pleasing finished products whether it is to suit the style of the leisure centre or health club, or domestic facility . Moreover, our thorough servicing process will identify any parts that need replacing and areas that need the most work and improvement.

We will re-establish and restore the apparatus to ensure the customer can use the apparatus for their best performance. Our engineers will make sure that after the evaluation, you can get the maximum quality use from the newly refurbished machines. You will also be receiving a service that feels like you have purchased brand new equipment. 


Range of Equipment 

There is a range of health and fitness products that we can work with including treadmills, rowing machines, benches and free weights. If you are having a problem with any of these pieces of equipment, one of our experts will be able to diagnose the issue and either carry out a repair or provide the necessary spare parts. This could be specifically tailored to whatever you need so don’t hesitate to ask if you need some advice on what to do.

Other Services We Offer

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We produce the best-reconditioned gym machines as well as work around our customers’ budgets. Anything you want to have personalised in a certain way can be achieved through discussions with our specialists. We always strive for customer satisfaction and can help with anything you need, no matter how big or small the job.

If you would like to discuss any of this information further please provide us with your details via our contact form. A staff member specialising in the area of your concern will make sure they get back to you and assist with any queries.

Our specialist servicing team are always happy to help and assist with any enquiries regarding the maintenance and repairs of various Technogym machines for your facility . 



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