Commercial Gym Machines

Commercial Gym Machines

Public fitness centres use lots of different equipment and we can provide services to repair and maintain all sorts of machines to keep them working well.

Fitness Equipment Servicing

Fitness Equipment Servicing

Machines in gyms and leisure centres get a lot of use from different people so it's important to check for any problems and have them repaired quickly.

Gym Equipment Repairs

Gym Equipment Repairs

We offer services for treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines, spin bikes and loads of other machines to repair and refurbish them.

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Commercial Gym Machines

Numerous types of equipment are used in leisure centres, gyms and health clubs . It is essential to make sure that all commercial gym machines are safe to use, as well as being high quality.

Since lots of people will be using these machines, businesses will need to carry out routine checks to test the safety of the equipment. This means that members of the public will not be harmed or injured due to a malfunction with the commercial gym machines.


If you happen to find any faults with the machines when you are carrying out the inspections, our company provide an excellent repair and maintenance service to restore the original quality of your gym machinery. By checking for damages early, you will be able to reduce the risk of the problems developing into major damages – therefore you're able to cut down on costly repairs.

To find out more about the commercial gymnasium machinery we have to offer then please fill out the contact box provided and we can get back to you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.

Range of Machinery

There is a wide range of machines that could be set up in gyms and leisure centres including treadmills, rowing machines, spinning bikes and cross-trainers. Commercial gym apparatus can be seen as valuable to the community, as they contribute towards better fitness and health.

Our machines have adjustable parts, for example, weights and handlebars of spinning bikes, etc. This allows for several different users; making the equipment particularly useful for commercial institutions like health clubs and gyms because many members of the public will be using these machines are all of different sizes and abilities.

Please fill out our contact form if you are interested in finding out more information regarding commercial gym services and maintenance services. Our specialist consultants will advise you on what we can offer and the costs for your health club or leisure centre.

Public Fitness Equipment Servicing

We can help you find the perfect gym equipment to suit your facility. If you're a small health club or gym, we realise that you may not have a large budget for the public fitness machinery. To reduce the costs of upgrading and refurbishing your facility, we can offer you used gym equipment.

This type of machinery will have been renovated before being sold to restore the original quality and give the equipment a good as new finish. Refurbished fitness equipment is good for facilities like gyms and health clubs, as they can be altered to meet specific requirements; for example, the application of a new coating of paint may be added to the fitness apparatus to match the colour scheme of your particular facility.


Brand New Gym Machines

If you are a bigger organisation and have a higher budget, we have a range of brand new communal fitness equipment available. These types of gym equipment are particularly popular for health clubs that want to upgrade their facility and replace old, worn equipment with new fitness machines which users will love.

Both new and refurbished fitness apparatus can be adjusted to suit each individual, allowing for multiple users, which is important when buying the gym services for public use. If you're looking for a specialist to carry out maintenance and repair services to existing public fitness apparatus, we can help with all aspects of this work.

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